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CLEO's New Guided Pathway to request a fee waiver
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Do you need help paying fees in your civil, small claims, or family law matter?
People who cannot afford these fees because of a low income, can ask the court for a fee waiver.
CLEO has a new Guided Pathway to help you fill out a form to request a court fee waiver. The court will look at your financial situation to decide if you qualify. Most people are eligible for a fee waiver if:
  • their total household income is low
  • most of their income is from social assistance or other benefits
  • their lawyer is being paid by a legal aid certificate
CLEO's Guided Pathways are free online tools that take users through a series of questions and collect their answers to fill out legal forms. The forms can be saved and printed. Any personal information entered into the pathways is confidential.
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Visit for step-by-step information on common legal problems.
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