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CLEO Quarterly Update
Recruiting CLEO's next Executive Director
CLEO is pleased and saddened to announce the retirement of our senior management team: Jane Withey at the end of last month and Julie Mathews at the end of the year. This means CLEO's Board is recruiting for a new executive director. Please spread the word!
CLEO's Board will be considering applications received by Oct 31. Visit for details on how to apply.
We are also pleased to announce that we now have four directors to work with and support our next ED:
  • Helen Anderson – Program Director, CLEO Connect
  • Erik Bornmann – Program Director, Guided Pathways
  • Fara Wali – Program Director, Steps to Justice and Justice pas-à-pas/ resources and publications
  • Andrea Imada – Director, Finance and Administration
We are delighted that this management team will work with the next ED to provide leadership at CLEO in the years ahead.
Shifting the Paradigm report now available

Last year, CLEO produced a report, Shifting the Paradigm: Exploring Opportunities for Community Justice Help, for the Department of Justice Canada. The report, authored by Julie Mathews, CLEO’s executive director, and David Wiseman, professor of law at the University of Ottawa, is now available on the DOJ's website in English and French. The report reviews developments in regulatory approaches and program initiatives relating to the law-related assistance provided by community workers at nonprofit organizations, or community justice help, in Canada and similar jurisdictions. And it explores the potential for supporting and expanding the role of community justice help.

Report on family law guided pathways
CLEO recently published Family Law Guided Pathways: Reducing the Complexity of Court Forms, a report that reviews CLEO's family law guided pathways and how they can make it easier for people to fill out court forms. We know that the complexity of court forms, particularly family court forms, is a major barrier to access to justice for people who do not have a lawyer. Part of CLEO's ongoing research with the University of Ottawa, the report describes how CLEO used a task-based functional literacy approach to improve our guided pathways for filling out family court forms
Sneak Preview
CAS image  

Take a sneak preview of CLEO's 20 soon-to-be released videos that give information about the law in one to two-minute chunks. CLEO's new YouTube channel houses short videos on employment, housing, family, and criminal law. All videos are closed captioned in English and French. We will be rolling them out over the course of the next month. Share them with your colleagues and your clients and let us know what you think!

October 2022
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