CLEO Quarterly Update

Join CLEO at Access to Justice Week 2021

Join CLEO at two back-to-back events that spotlight the role and efforts of community workers at not-for-profit organizations in helping their community members "access justice". They are part of the free, virtual learning events taking place during this week's Access to Justice Week, coordinated in Ontario by The Action Group on Access to Justice.

CLEO is hosting an interactive session the evening of Oct 27 from 7 to 8:30 EST, featuring four frontline workers from across Ontario. The panelists will discuss what the search for justice looks like for their communities and how access to justice can be more than just a slogan. Register now.

A national event on Oct 28, noon EST, hosted by the national Action Committee on Access to Justice, will feature a leading US access to justice scholar, Rebecca Sandefur, who will share her perspectives on how people seek help for their legal problems. CLEO executive director, Julie Mathews, will then moderate a cross-country panel of community workers who will talk about how they provide responsive, effective services to people who come to them with law-related problems. Register now.

Meet CLEO's newest Board members, bringing varied perspectives to our work

CLEO's Board plays a key role in setting objectives and ensuring we are accountable – that we actually achieve them. Over the past months, we have welcomed three new members who bring a variety of knowledge and experience to our work, as well as enthusiasm!

Rami Shoucri is a family physician with St. Michael's Hospital, where he is the clinical champion for the Health Justice Program and chair of the Advocacy Committee for the Family Health Team.

Barbara Wiktorowicz, currently with Maplewood Consulting, was previously Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Accreditation, an independent non-profit offering accreditation to community-based health and social services across Canada.

John No is Interim Clinic Director & Community Lawyer Group Lead with workers' rights focus at Parkdale Community Legal Services.

We are grateful for the immense contribution of all of our CLEO Board members!

Video introduces Family Law Guided Pathways tool

Guided Pathways video

Find out about our Family Law Guided Pathways with our new video. This helpful, five-minute video gives you an overview of the Pathways and explains how to use them.

Real time response on Steps to Justice

"Can I be forced to get a COVID-19 vaccine?" "Can I be evicted if my landlord wants to move in?" Real questions being answered weekdays in real time by our Steps to Justice live chat operators. The operators help people find the answers they're looking for on Steps to Justice, and offer referrals to other services for help.

We document and track the themes of our live chat service and review them on an ongoing basis. This helps us to stay abreast of people's current law-related problems and the challenges they face in addressing them.

In turn, this helps CLEO in identifying and developing new information and tools on emerging and pressing topics. It also helps us to stay grounded, ensuring that we respond to the realities of people's experience by providing practical, concrete information.


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