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October 2023
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This monthly eblast highlights recent legal information resources from community-based organizations across Ontario. Find more resources in the Your Legal Rights collection on CLEO Connect.  
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Mould and hoarding 
RentSafe has several resources to support people dealing with mould and hoarding issues: 

  • Mould in housing links to a report on the impact mould has on people’s health, with a section on how to prevent mould and deal with it. There’s also a guide for tenants living with mould, a guide and sample letter for health-care professionals with patients whose health is affected by mould, and a podcast. 
  • The Hoarding Resources webpage has a webinar and resources for housing providers in Ontario who work with tenants with hoarding difficulties, including tips for support, health and safety guidelines, referral information, and legal issues to think about. 

Non-disclosure agreements
A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal document that limits what information the person that signs it can share with others. The Learning Network of the University of Western Ontario has a backgrounder with some myths, facts, and tips on NDAs. Survivors of gender-based violence are often asked to sign an NDA. This backgrounder may help them decide whether they really need to.   

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Rent increases 
Advocacy for Tenants Ontario (ACTO) has: 

  • an infographic that explains when rent increases are legal  
  • a guide that explains when landlords can apply for an above guideline rent increase (AGI), how to prepare for a hearing to fight an AGI, and what happens after the hearing 

Ontario Works and gifts 
This 4-page resource from Income Security Advocacy Centre explains the rules about how much money a person living on Ontario Works can receive as a gift. 


Visit Steps to Justice for step-by-step information on common legal questions in Ontario. 

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